Digital Roots and Networks – my PLE (Personal Learning Environment) & PLN (Personal Learning Network)


I was asked to document my PLE on my first module. There it is pictured above. It had some gaps then, even more now. But having just been asked to talk about my PLN, all I can really say is that my network consists of every event that takes place between myself and my learning environment – life! That’s even almost still 100% true if narrowing it down to a Personal Digital Learning Environment, as I’ve interpreted it.

By mapping the development of that environment through a timeline, the narrative of how networks have developed over time is fairly clear:–STuA6ydEScvsmThqaLdzKfuZ

Updated 13-04-20.

I thought a bit more about what differentiates the PLE from a PLN. It’s fairly obvious that the people are missing but I think I’d tried to cover that with the yellow ‘communication’ threads running through everything.

The timeline, linked above. Although it’s about the PLE & the tools within that I’d argue that the network itself is instrumental throughout. Without the network, the PLN, propelling me forward in various ways there would be no PLE. I also think there are many different PLNs connected to different parts of our lives. Whole important parts of my life have nothing to do with this digital PLN (thankfully!) and so, while they make up part of the bigger picture would appear in a separate PLN. I’ve updated the original mindmap to include some new thoughts. Bit of an ugly looking piece of work now but that’s not the point.

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